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Super Hungry the Podcast

In 2015, I created the critically acclaimed podcast, Super Hungry: Conversations with Not-So Starving Artists. Super Hungry is a podcast that dedicates each episode to having hilariously intimate conversations with real working artists you should know about.​ They’re hustling hard, making it work, and still super hungry for their art.

To date, I've interviewed: Grammy nominee Brian McKnight, Harvey Guillén (What We Do in the Shadows), Dom Burgess (Star Trek: Picard), cult favorites Tom Wilson (Back to the Future trilogy),  Trace Beaulieu and Frank Conniff (Mystery Science Theater 3000), and Brian O'Halloran (Clerks), comedian Brad Wenzel (Conan), pop star Aaron Carter, and blockbuster actor Ser'darius Blain (Jumanji and Charmed) -- among others.

I've been featured in Huffpost, Buzzfeed, Kotaku, StaffMeUp, ULoop, Florida Today, and multiple regional outlets in Florida and Michigan. 


Listening At the Fire

I created, hosted, produced, and edited Listening At The Fire, the podcast for Fountain Street Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It's a show about history, spirituality, and the things that connect us all.

The 33 episodes of this podcast are rooted in the 150-year history of Fountain Street Church and range from roundtable conversations to expositional audio essays covering topics including: White Women's Suffrage in America, Queering the Church, Sexuality and Spirituality, Parasocial Relationships and Grief, the History of Christmas, and so much more including poetry, LGBTQIA+ Pride, and the challenges facing churches in 2020.

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