Virginia Anzengruber is a 

Content CreatorPR ProfessionalMarketing Manager based in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Virginia is a critically-acclaimed podcaster,

award-winning filmmaker, pretty good at Mario Kart,

and a new mom to the world's cutest baby.

In her spare time, Virginia enjoys cooking, making her son laugh, and trying to get cats to pay attention to her at parties.


My name is Virginia Anzengruber

I'm a queer mother, creative professional, and 3rd Wave intersectional feminist living in the Midwest. I'm a lifelong loudmouth. I fight for what I believe in, and work hard to elevate underserved voices and communities.

I have 10+ years of work experience that includes:

Content and Communications Management

Social Media Marketing

Public and Media Relations

Film Production

Political Campaign Communications Management

Analytics and Research

Alternative Education

Health and Social Justice Projects

Copywriting and Brand Management

Event and Festival Programming

Hosting and Podcasting

You'll find a broad selection of my work below. Scroll to download my full CV!

Writer/Producer: Brand Campaigns

Writer/Director/Producer: Creative Projects


I value direct and honest communication. I work hard and always bring my best to my job. My approach is to always think outside the box and swing big; because, you never hit the home runs you don't go for.

(Please don't ask me more about sports, this analogy is the extent of my knowledge)

Communications Manager: Fred Wooden for Congress [2018 | MI's 3rd District]


I'm excellent at office trivia games. 

(Especially trivia themed around the TV show The Office

I always work to find constructive solutions to problems.

I write the best baby-themed parody songs.

Podcast Host and Producer

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Awards and Competitions


I've been following Rep. Ocasio-Cortez from her primary beginnings in 2018.

To see her soar above incumbent Crowley while humbly and cooly facing criticism at every turn - it made me feel like I had won, too - even when my own candidate's primary campaign ended in defeat. 

I had no girlhood designs of political work or activism. My eventual desire to become C. J. Cregg in The West Wing had more to do with Allison Janney than any true political machinations. It's 2020 now, and to be given an opportunity to work for Rep. Ocasio-Cortez - a young woman - who is creating tangible difference in today's political landscape fighting for marginalized Americans, would be an honor I didn't know I dreamed of.

But, it's time to break out that vision board, y'all. 

We've got things to do.